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Q de bouteille

Recycled glass back on our tables. It is a company from Le Touquet led by Victoire and Gauthier which has set up partnerships with winegrowers and manufacturers to recover bottles intended for destruction and make them into… glasses, vases, cups, cutting boards, candles…
To discover in your lodge.


Tea Room

Very close to us, a country tea room with incredible charm to discover. Our English friends Judy and Nick prepare English breakfasts, Indian or vegan brunches, incredible scones and jams and marmalades made on site.
We have selected their best pots for your breakfast table.


We have chosen for you:
What Matters

The Domaine chose What Matters for its homemade products: from dishwashing liquid to hand soap, organic, good, ecocert certified, vegan. Household and bathroom linen are cleaned with white flower detergent, with natural ingredients. To discover as soon as you arrive with us!

atelier de poterie - domaine des chanoines blancs


The pottery workshop
works its porcelain 

We are looking for new shapes for your tableware, for candles, or soap dishes… we turn, we sculpt, we model, we cook, we enamell…

neige au domaine des chanoines blancs


Snow at
the domaine

The Domaine woke up to snow this morning!


Our apple juices comes from
the domaine of Moismont

We play local, terroir and solidarity with local producers, so we chose Domaine de Moismont for our morning fruit juices!
In Vron, very close to us, fruit trees as far as the eye can see offering apple and pear juice.


Terrines from
the Saint Christophe cannery

An artisanal and family cannery, very close to the Valloires Abbey in Argoules, we stop there to buy terrines, ready meals and condiments.
Everything is presented in glass containers that we keep in our kitchen. We reserved some for our quick dinners or our aperitifs on the terrace.


An extraordinary bakery:
Au grè des Blés

A bakery that grows its natural sourdough, which produces bread to die for! Located in the lower town of Montreuil-sur-Mer. A delight for our mornings at the Domaine!


The delicious charm
of Hesmond Farm

Such a charming, timeless place: we find our goat cheeses there, organic bread baked in the oven at the back of the barn. And this vegetable garden of wild herbs. A pure happiness !


The soaps and candles
have arrived!

The soaps have finished drying, the candles are cast: here they are at the Domaine! Thanks to the Origaïa soap factory.
With the unique perfume signed Domaine des Chanoines Blancs.
To discover upon your arrival.

potager en friche - domaine des chanoines blancs


the fallow
vegetable garden

A flowering wasteland in the vegetable garden: why do it?
For biodiversity, to help insects, to bring joy and color!

potager généreux - domaine des chanoines blancs


A generous
vegetable garden

When you come every day to watch your vegetables grow, and your basket comes back from the garden so full… gratitude!

bedycasa et greengo - domaine des chanoines blancs


the domain
on platforms

The Domaine has chosen to be present on ethical, sustainable platforms that promote fair and respectful tourism: Bedycasa and GreenGo.



Our chestnut tree
at the end of its life

A chestnut tree at the end of its life: it becomes an insect hotel and its bark can be used to mulch garden plants.

origaia - domaine des chanoines blancs


new Collaboration
with the Origaïa Soapery

Between Domaine des Chanoines Blancs and Savonnerie Origaïa: the creation of a limited edition soap and candle.

La Savonnerie Origaïa is Caroline and Alexandra’s adventure into naturalness, respect for nature and people, based in Campagne-les-Hesdin, to create soaps and candles in their own image. Everything is thought out, checked and tested. So it was inevitable that we should meet Laurence, from the Domaine: two people who love the real thing, and the beautiful thing.

Origaïa created the soap and the candle, while Laurence shapes and enamels the soap holders and candle jars in her workshop. A gentle fragrance wafts through the Domaine …

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


Marketing with
Tout Passe Par Là

The Domaine has chosen a small, young communications agency from Le Touquet to choreograph its presence on social networks and the web: Victoire and Bérangère have created the logo, the website and run the networks. A hell of a job!

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


proud to be classified
Bird Protection League refuge

The estate is now classified as a “Bird Protection League Refuge”: no pesticides, nesting boxes and feeders. A peaceful haven for blackbirds, tits, jays, turtle-doves, geese and ducks… It’s an experience that anyone can reproduce… even on their own balcony!

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


A truly well-placed domain!

Judge here: less than 10 minutes from Montreuil sur Mer, and 25 minutes from the beaches of Le Touquet. But also … 10 minutes from a Michelin-starred restaurant, a florist, a market, an antique shop, a fish and chip shop … So?