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the domain
on platforms

The Domaine has chosen to be present on ethical, sustainable platforms that promote fair and respectful tourism: Bedycasa and GreenGo.
So you won’t find it on the big international platforms, which are also known for taking exorbitant margins and facilitating tax havens.

So much the worse if it takes us longer to make a name for ourselves and get bookings, because we remain true to our values, and making money at any price is not what drives us in life.



Our chestnut tree
at the end of its life

A chestnut tree at the end of its life: it becomes an insect hotel and its bark can be used to mulch garden plants.

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


new Collaboration
with the Origaïa Soapery

Between Domaine des Chanoines Blancs and Savonnerie Origaïa: the creation of a limited edition soap and candle.

La Savonnerie Origaïa is Caroline and Alexandra’s adventure into naturalness, respect for nature and people, based in Campagne-les-Hesdin, to create soaps and candles in their own image. Everything is thought out, checked and tested. So it was inevitable that we should meet Laurence, from the Domaine: two people who love the real thing, and the beautiful thing.

Origaïa created the soap and the candle, while Laurence shapes and enamels the soap holders and candle jars in her workshop. A gentle fragrance wafts through the Domaine …

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


Marketing with
Tout Passe Par Là

The Domaine has chosen a small, young communications agency from Le Touquet to choreograph its presence on social networks and the web: Victoire and Bérangère have created the logo, the website and run the networks. A hell of a job!

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


proud to be classified
Bird Protection League refuge

The estate is now classified as a “Bird Protection League Refuge”: no pesticides, nesting boxes and feeders. A peaceful haven for blackbirds, tits, jays, turtle-doves, geese and ducks… It’s an experience that anyone can reproduce… even on their own balcony!

actus & presse domaine des chanoines blancs


A truly well-placed domain!

Judge here: less than 10 minutes from Montreuil sur Mer, and 25 minutes from the beaches of Le Touquet. But also … 10 minutes from a Michelin-starred restaurant, a florist, a market, an antique shop, a fish and chip shop … So?